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 You have stumbled upon Tim Lane’s writing website.

The moniker Cynosurer was applied to me by AOL when I tried to use my dental laboratory’s name, Cynosure, as my email ID (back in the day when nobody used their real names). They said, “No!”. I added the ‘r’ and that was approved. The name has stuck with me as my online  dental technician persona. As the definition is a goal worth striving for in all we do in life I have retained it for this, my writing website. It’s more a parking spot for my writing than a blog or promotional tool. You are welcome to browse and comment as you wish.  Enjoy.


 (si-nuh-shoo r)
  1. A center of attention. Something that strongly attracts attention by its brilliance, interest,etc.
  2. 2. something serving for guidance or direction.
Origin of cynosure Latin Cynosūra from the  Greek Kynósoura the constellation UrsaMinor, equivalent to kynós dog’s (genitive of kýōn) + ourá tail.