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Comitical November 12, 2012

Posted by cynosurer in Uncategorized.

Worked on my TV series this weekend. Could really use a collaborative black comedic voice… particularly a female one.

Question: Which works best for a word to describe a political comedy:  Comitical or a Polyomedy or Politomedy.  Any suggestions???



1. cynosurer - December 28, 2014

Hey Kevin, I have the pilot written and the first season’s episodes’ topics penciled in and the story line. It’s a Colbert Report meets West Wing 30 minute sitcom dealing with the issues of the day and politics in general skewering liberal and conservative views alike.

Logline: To win an unwinnable election in Memphis’ predominantly black Democrat district a white conservative Republican must overcome prejudice and a crooked political system to win their hearts, minds … and their votes.

I can email you the pilot if you’d like.

2. Kevin Kent - December 28, 2014

I’m writing a few other TV Pilots these days. One got made in October, will be out soon. Think Fox is picking it up.
Is this with a producer yet? Finance?
What’s the genre? are episodes sketched?

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